Center for Articulation between Secondary and Higher Education

The University supports the selection of new students and advertises entry examinations while also working collaboratively with faculties to develop suitable entry examination methods in line with the Admission Policy, enhancing links with senior high schools and pre-tertiary education in senior high schools, as well as aiming to survey and analyze new students' study-related data.

The Center for Information Processing

The Center for Information Processing was established in 1990 as the facility aiming at providing effective educational and research information services.

The center consists of the Hikone sector and the Otsu sector. The main function is to control and operate the Local Area Network (LAN) and to provide various fields of technical support services for the members of the university.

The center plays an important role in education and research, promoting advanced information processing skills.

ICT system of Shiga University is linked with the Science Information Network. Besides maintaining and managing the systems mentioned above, the center responds to tasks relating to the ever-increasing issue of security.

Personal computers for students’ training rooms have the following functions installed: World Wide Web (WWW), E-mail, the word processor and spreadsheet programs, as well as software for database and application development. They can be applied to the education support system, facilitating varieties of practices.

The Health and Medical Services Center

The Health and Medical Services Center supports the overall healthcare of students and faculty members.

The center provides medical checkups, counseling by physical and mental health specialists, and first-aid treatment. Recently the center has been making efforts to promote its publicity.

Office of Student Accessibility Services

Office of Student Accessibility Services offers various services relating to academic and student life to the students with disabilities.