Toward Brightly Sparkling Shiga University

Shiga University, as a center of knowledge that extends from Lake Biwa to the world, will continue to take on the challenge of contributing to the "creation of the future" with an eye toward a sustainable future society at this time of rapid social transition.

I will take advantage of our experience in creating the largest data science education and research center in Japan through the establishment of Japan's first School of Data Science and the Graduate School of Data Science, which are highly regarded as university reforms that will open up a new era, to seize this turbulent era as an opportunity and take on the new challenge of future creation with you.

Shiga University has entered the fourth period of its mid-term plan. We must play a driving role in social reform by fostering human resources who will be responsible for creating value in the next generation through future-creating education that integrates the humanities and sciences, creating new knowledge through the constant search for truth, and collaborating with society.

Together with you, our students, who have unlimited potential, let us show society the true value of Shiga University's education and research.

TAKEMURA Akimichi,
Shiga University